Saturday, January 23, 2010

Running into old friends

So last night i was hanging out with one of my friends trish after the mill (a youth group for collage kids) and she told me that she was gonna go hangout with an old friend of ours from elementary school, Janell. Trish then graciously invited me to come along knowing that i had been dyeing to see janell considering i had not seen her in 6 months. I accepted without even thinking about it.
Me and trish went to meet janell at a local hookah bar. I was very happy because i do love hookah and had not had any in a while. Also i found out i would not be paying for it!! whoot whoot! When we got there i was so happy to see janell. She looked great and had obviously been taking care of herself. I also came to find out that she would be getting married some time during the upcoming summer!!
Well we all sat down and started to smoke and chat very aminatedly like many girls do. Well i looked over into another booth literally 10 feet straight in front of me was sitting a group of kids. Two of the guys i recognized Caleb and Matt. They were brothers and i had known them from a long time ago. They had always been known as the guys you dont want to get tangled up in. And they were known as this for good reason. Now i had a little bit of an embarressing moment with one of the brothers back in the days were i was not the brightest person around. One night when i was 15 i had been dared to kiss matt. This wouldnt be a big deal except for the fact that i am 5'11" and he is 5'4"....... yeah big major hieght difference. At the time i was dared and therefore being the competitave person i am i kissed him.... and it was one of the worst kisses ever let me tell you. Talk about awkward.
Well i keep on looking every other way i can. But since they were sitting right in front of me that was kind of hard. I then noticed that caleb and matt were looking at me and smiling in that oh so annoying way that only bad boys can perfect. Then later on they start snickering to each other and laughing. This then escalates to them pointing openly at me and laughing and talking to the other guys sitting at there booth. At this point i was feeling really annoyed. I was running scenarios through my head trying to figure out which one would be the best idea. I wondered if i should wave at them, if i should start pointing and laughing along with my friends to, or if i should just go over there and give them a peice of my mind. Well i decided i was just going to switch sides of the booth so that my back was to them, which believe me is quite a calm reaction coming from me.
I sit down and look up and right behind were i had just been sitting is a tv. There were tv's everywhere and most of them were showing basketball games, movies or some tv talk show. This particular tv was showing a stand up comedy club show. Except for at that time it was on a commercial break and was showing one of those paid commercials. this paid commercial was about advertising porn and was a little graphic. Not too graphic but still graphic. I turned to trish and asked how long the commercial had been showing and she answered me since about the time we had sat down at our booth.
I then came to the realization that caleb and matt were probaly not looking and laughing at me but more at the tv show right directly behind where i had decided to sit. I then kind of chuckled to myself. Thinking how much they havent changed a bit since i knew them in high school, and thanking god i hadnt gone over and given them a piece of my mind like i had planned on doing 5 minutes ago. How much for an awkward convo would that have made. :)))

2009 a look back


Mom and Dad: I finally got through high school!!! and i couldnt have done it without u guys. u were more then just support. U were my life source. Thanku for being so patient with your rebellious daughter. and thanku for never giving up on me and raising me in such a way to were giving up is no longer an option. I am who i am today because of you. I couldnt have asked for better parents because u guys are exactly he parents God knew i would need.

Jenna: I cant brag about you enough. Whenever im around u i feel calmer. You have been there for me through every step of the way. U havent let me down ever. Not once even when i was mad at you for something most of the time it was my fault. I have never met a person who was willing to go through so much to be my friend. I know you will be there with me till the end. Lets grow old and die together!

Chris: My bro!!! jeez we have had fun this year. Getting in fights and getting back outta them. Getting girls to leave u alone and getting guys to leave me along. Holding me when i was crying over a boy. I do believe we could not be a better brother/ sister pair. Thanks for everything. I owe u one.

Sara Luderman: my twin in more ways then one. What have we not done!!!! U will always be one of my closest friends ever. I know that if im in trouble i can go to you and you will go outta ur way to help me. Thanku for that. U r one of the few girls i would give anything for.

Leyah: Jeez who knew!!! I met you and immediatly wrote u off as someone i wouldnt like. and look what happened. I have never become friends with someone so fast in my entire life. We bonded over music, dumb guys, and of course long facebook convos.

Kate: I have known about u for a while. But never got close to you until this year. I think your an amazing person. I have seen who you really are. Dont let the world get you down. its dumb anyways.

Kate Parker: How come every time i hang out with u i cant help but have fun. I have never been awkward around you or anything. Ur so much fun and we have never had a dull moment from: sneaking into restricted junkyards. Laying in the snow in a minidress. to throwing things across the theatre after a movie.

Karen, Jordan, and Jake: You guys have done so much for me and my family. i cant even write it down. thanku for the good times.

Big Events!!!!!!

I graduated from high school at last! I was blessed to the fact that i did not get senioritus until about two months before i graduated, otherwise i might have died. I graduated with the 2009 class of Falcon high at the World Arena. I waved my hands in the air as i walked across the stage to get my diploma even though they told me not too.

Senior Prom was fun. It was the first ever dance i have been to without a male date. And honestly i had so much fun.I went with jenna to Liberty's prom and had the time of my life. I even got asked to dance by a guy i didnt kno for the last dance of the night.

First job. I was a receptionist at Springs Spas and learned so much about the business world. I didnt know how much went into operating a small business until i started to work at that job. I also learned that nothing is certain as i got laid off three months after i was hired because the company couldnt afford to keep me.

We moved. I for the first time in 14 years do not live in a place where i can hear cows every morning when i wake up. Me and my family now live in town and i love it. Especially since god blessed us with a house literally three houses away from jenna's house.


Wow this year was the year god decided he was going to work on me. I have begun to see ppl with gods eyes and not to look at the world through my own imperfect ones. When i graduated from high school all i wanted was to get out and leave and never come back. But God worked on my heart and taught me to love, cherish, and enjoy everything my home has to give and to be happy with what i am given. Since i adopted that attitude life has gotten easier then ever. Also i have learned that forgiveness is key in everything. Including learning to forgive myself.


wow i have no idea what is gonna happen. Jenna graduates from high school this year as well as turns 18. So unfortunatly there is a small chance she might leave me..... in which case i dont know what i will do with myself honeslty. I have been saving up for a car and will hopefully be getting one sometime during this summer. I also have this insane urge to go on a roadtrip just for the fun of it and to see what i can find. thankyou to all m friends an family cannot wait till next year.
me and jenna: Yes WE ARE HOTTIES!!!
Prom 2009!!!!!
me and chris at graduation!!!!!!
leyah and i..... no i was SO not driving while this was taken
me and sara.... yes we are dorks... so what!
me and bob being very drunk at the bday party
liberties homecoming game!!! we won!!!!
good times
one of two pictures i have of me and kate...... kate how is it possible i only have two pics of us?

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new fashion updates

wing tattoos

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my fav top model pics

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Guys and Dolls

So im sure this is old news but we have all had some time a girl come to us crying about how some boy has done her wrong. I have been in this position many a time with my girlfriends and feel for their broken hearts. I really do feel sorry for them the first time. But when a girl comes the second or even third time I loose patience. Whatever happening to learning the first time from our mistakes ladies. When a girl is always complaining about how she always gets her heart broken maybe its not the guy its the girl. When a girl has her heart broken everytime most likely she is the problem not him. Maybe you shouldnt cheat on your man, act like a slut, be clingy all the time, or constantly talk about him behind his back. I think that once ok, twice concidence, and the third time its a habit. Or maybe you as the girl should just stop going out with losers!!!! its up to you by that time not him. Wake up and smell the coffee

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Ilove editing pics. its makes them even more one of a kind